Prayer Burdens – Dec 14, 2016

Here are additional items for your consideration to pray this week:


  • Winter School of Truth (26-31 December) – A six-day Winter School of Truth (WST) will be carried out in the UK, the Netherlands, and the Iberian Peninsula on 26-31 December. The goal of the WST is to produce a group of young people in Europe who are constituted with the divine truths in the Word of God. The WST began in London in 2004, and in 2012 a second WST was added in the Netherlands. In 2014 a third WST was added in Spain. In 2016 the three WSTs will take place in their respective locations at the same time. The burden is to continue to raise up truth schools one by one across Europe. Please pray that the Lord will give the European young people a hunger for the truth and will make the truth their inward constitution year by year.
  • Completion of the Polish Recovery Version – A team of saints has been laboring for almost four years to produce a Polish translation of the NT Recovery Version. The current plan is to begin typesetting in January and conduct final proofreading in August 2017. Please pray that all who labor on this project will enjoy the Lord’s overshadowing grace and that the Lord’s interpreted word will be a great blessing to all Polish-speaking people.
  • The Lord’s move in Krakow, Poland.
  • Follow-up Labor in Germany – Please pray that the door will remain open for the full-timers to obtain visas to labor in Germany long term.

Winter Training – live training in Anaheim, CA (12/26/16 – 12/31/16) and video training in Honolulu (1/10/17 – 1/22/17).

Locally, please pray:

  • For annual Hawaiian blending conference, that the Lord will gain this glorious time to encourage both local and visiting saints. May the Lord showers His blessing upon the church.
  • For year 2017:
    • The Lord will continue to grow in each saint in Honolulu
    • The Lord will encourage us to labor for Him in the coming year
    • The Lord will multiply and add to the church, new ones, His chosen people
  • For the trainees in FTTA – Sis. Grace, Bro. Ben, Sis. Sophia, Bro. Abraham
  • Health Needs –
    • Continue to remember and pray for Sis. Katie and Sis. Ruthy
    • Sis Cindy’s eye surgery and its recovery
  • Our young people, that they may be preserved and be burning for the Lord