Greetings from Sis. Grace, FTTA

Praise the Lord Saints!

Christ really is the victorious one in each of us and the unique and true Reality. I’ve been enjoying all the classes, especially the Spirit class which has been in line with the weekly ministry meetings given by Bro Ron & Bro Ed Marks as well as the ITERO conference regarding the seven churches:
Church in Ephesus – Rev 2:1-7 Whom lost their First Love and did the works of the Nicolaitans. The Lord hates those works in which clergy-leity falls under. We must be recovered to our First Love whom is Christ.
Church in Smyrna – Rev 2:8-11 A church under persecution. We are reminded that the Lord is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last. He came before all things and is the completion of all things. The Lord came as 7 Spirits charging them to overcome persecution. The eternal reward is of the crown of life for their sufferings in persecution and martyrdom. The seven-fold intensified Spirit, Christ overcame death, which is what the churches were, resulting in them reigning in life with the intensified life-giving Spirit. When we are undergoing suffering, we can be comforted, knowing the Christ went before us and is going on after us.
Church in Pergamos – Rev 2:12-17 The church married to the world which was Satan’s strategy to bring mixture into the church and cause God’s people to be turned away from Christ.
Church in Thyratira – Rev 2:18-29 In apostasy. Further development of Pergamos, tolerating a prophetess Jezebel whom kills the function of the prophets. Fire purifies and burns everything that doesn’t belong in the church.
Church in Sardis – Rev 3:1-6 In reformation. This reformation was not fully complete and though we’re living in name but dead in spirit. They needed revival, infusion of the sevenfold life-giving Spirit by expressing Him and living Him out. We need to be intensely living and shining wearing the second white garment which is to put on Christ. It’s by this garment can we live out Christ and express Him.
Church in Philadelphia – Rev 3:7-13 The church in recovery. We must be those whom are built into pillars. We must have name of God written and engraved on us, to have the New Jerusalum engraved on our hearts, then we can be an overcomer. This takes an intensification of our pursuit. We need to know we are headed towards the New Jerusalum and not be satisfied with anything else. We must pray for the churches, bear them on our breasts and experience the NJ today. This is what the fire is for. Not to be burnt out (own fire), but intensely living which revives us, gives us life, energy, regardless of our body. It overcomes all chaos. We must stand in the Christ who is now living. We live an inner life surely that is resurrection, also live in our daily living in resurrection.
Church in Laodicea- Rev 3:14-22 The church in degradation. Even though we have reached recovery within our current ministry, we are not immune to degradation. We must stand against the degradation and be overcoming believers whom are intensely living.
We must live an inner life surely that is resurrection, also live in our daily living in resurrection. We have strength = resurrection. This has to be our living today. We have the Lord’s ministry for this age to complete the building work. If we don’t finish it, someone will. They will be building on the same word that we have today. This ministry is a bride-producing ministry, The Bride is the building such as in Gen 2 which says “I will build My church”. May we stay in the vision and build the universal body of Christ within our localities. May we be those whom bring the Lord back in this age.
On a new note pertaining to the gospel trips, I will be going to labor with 7 others in South Africa from January 19- February 6. Please pray the Lord will cherish the local saints through us and pray for His building there.
There are many gospel trip locations including numerous GTCA localities in North America, locations all over Europe, including 200 trainees going to labor in Germany. Please continue to pray for our time with the saints for God’s move on this earth! Praise the Lord for His expression on earth.

Lastly, a loving appreciation to all your continual prayers and support through the body! Due to your petitions and fellowships both in Huntington Beach and Honolulu; I will be in with you all in Honolulu for 2 weeks in January and hope to be in Huntington Beach during Summer 2017.

I look forward to seeing you at the Winter training!
May the Lord continue to bless you and be Your Alpha and Omega; the First and the Last.