Prayer Burdens – Week of February 24, 2019

European Prayer Burdens:

  • FTTA Gospel Trips to Europe Follow-Up: 
    • The FTTA gospel trips to Europe concluded earlier this month. A total of 139 trainees and serving saints in 24 teams visited 17 European countries.
    • Please pray:
      • That the Lord’s word that went out will not return to Him vainly but will accomplish what He desires for His move in Europe (Isa. 55:11).
      • That many of the contacts that were made, including some key ones, will be brought into the church and that the churches and the saints in Europe will be strengthened and encouraged.

North America Prayer Burdens:

  • Bibles For America:
    • We are expecting 100,000 copies of the New Testament Recovery Version to arrive at the BfA distribution center within the next two months. This shipment will replenish our inventory to enable us to meet the never-ending hunger for free Bibles throughout this country. May the Lord bless all the readers of His interpreted Word with light and life.
    • Please pray for the shipment to arrive on schedule so we can fill the orders without delay.

Hawaii Prayer Burdens & Announcements:

  • Young People’s Conference at Camp Mokuleia & blending with saints from Austin and Belize.
    • Please pray for those YP and college students who have not yet registered to be stirred up to register and join the time.
  • Next Lord’s Day, March 3, we will have a joint Chinese & English speaking Lord’s Table and Prophesying meeting.
  • The annual church Business Meeting will be held on March 3, 2019.