Prayer Burdens – Nov 16, 2016

Here are additional items for your consideration to pray this week:


  • The second blending day conference for the churches in Israel was held in Galilee on Saturday. There were over 100 persons in the meetings. Pray for the Lord’s continued speaking.
  • Remember the ones serving in the army.
  • Remember the saints in the Galilee.


  • Autumn university students conference, Wales (18-20 November) – Pray for the attendance of university students from all the European countries and for the Lord’s speaking to stir them up to love Him and consecrate themselves to Him more deeply.
  • One-week trainings at Bower House, London (31 October — 26 November)
  • Completion of the Polish Recovery Version – A team of saints has been laboring for almost four years to produce a Polish translation of the NT Recovery Version. The current plan is to begin typesetting in January and conduct final proofreading
    in August 2017. Please pray that all who labor on this project will enjoy the Lord’s overshadowing grace and that the Lord’s interpreted word will be a great blessing to all Polish-speaking people.
  • The Lord’s move in Krakow, Poland.
  • Follow-up Labor in Germany.

International Thanksgiving Conference in San Jose, CA – November 24-27.

Locally, please pray:

  • For the trainees in FTTA – Sis. Grace, Bro. Ben, Sis. Sophia, Bro. Abraham
  • Health Needs –
    • Continue to remember and pray for Sis. Katie and Sis. Ruthy