Prayer Burdens – March 03, 2017

Here are additional items for your consideration to pray this week:


Locally, please pray:

  • From the past winter training’s prayer items:
    • That we will experience the Lord as our Shepherd in His all-inclusive, tender care in a fine, detailed, and personal way so that we may enjoy His riches and become one with Him to shepherd others according to God.
    • That we will repeatedly judge our old man and maintain the newness of our heart and our spirit by continually turning our heart to the Lord and exercising our spirit to contact Him, so that through His inward recovery by life God will deify us, making every church a garden of Eden, and will increase all the churches with men like a flock.
  • For suitable meeting place for the church in Honolulu. Please pray for saints being in one accord regarding the new meeting place. Please pray for petition to Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting to allow valet parking to be approved.
  • For year 2017:
    • The Lord will continue to grow in each saint in Honolulu
    • The Lord will encourage us to labor for Him in the coming year
    • The Lord will multiply and add to the church, new ones, His chosen people
  • For the trainees in FTTA – Sis. Grace, Bro. Ben, Sis. Sophia, Bro. Abraham
  • Health Needs –
    • Continue to remember and pray for Sis. Katie and Sis. Ruthy
  • Our young people, that they may be preserved and be burning for the Lord. May the Lord also increase the appetite of our young people to eat the Word of God. May we pray that their reading of the Bible will be consistent and they will enjoy much of the spirit as they read the bible.