Greetings from Sis. Grace Cheng, FTTA

Warm greetings dear brothers & sisters!

I am praying that all things are well with you, family, and localities! Praise the Lord we are being transformed day by day into living stones for the building up of the church! Thank you saints for your sweet care, and for sending care packages with such sweet handwritten notes! You all are in my heart!

I’ve been enjoying all the classes as the Lord is richly dispensing Himself into us through the precious speaking brothers. Some particular things I’ve enjoyed, besides every Ministry meeting, are the Spirit being the compound, all-inclusive, life-giving Spirit.

The triune God comprises of the olive oil compounded with 4 elements (spices) = 5 elements. Myrrh signifying the death of Christ, Cinnamon as the sweetness and affectiveness of the death of Christ, calamus as the power of resurrection, and Cassia as the effeciveness of resurrection of Christ. The triune God passed through the process, adding the element of humanity into divinity. The death of Christ was compounded into the Triune God, then the resurrection as the Spirit, became the compounded Spirit. This compounded Spirit is as thick paint that can be painted onto us.
We have the unique Spirit of Life in us. By the oneness of the Spirit and by the sanctification of the Word, we were saved out of the world, to be brought into a co-inherence with Christ. In this way, we can become an expression of the Triune God in glory. This compound ointment is for the building, it has the complete capacity, ability, and power to carry out everything that God desires. We have no power except through the compound Spirit. Also, the number 5 signify the responsibility of God for His people. We need to be emptied in order to bear the responsibility to minister to others. When we walk by the Spirit, we can bear this responsibility.
Another point of enjoyment is that the Lord wants an honest and good heart. There are 2 kinds of heart conditions which the enemy will take advantage of. The seed that falls on the stoney ground immediately manifests itself…at first it may seem consecrated and stirred up, but if an offense arises, these ones will disappear. There are 3 no’s: no death, no root, no moisture. If no depth in our being, for there to be no development of root downward, no one can last. The sun scorches; any turmoil and that one is gone. “Lord I pray for downward growth” that there would be depths and roots to grow. Moisture is then deep within to supply and sustain us when the heat is on the surface. The third kind of heart is one that desire for other things choke the Word. A common mode of the enemy’s strategy when young ones first love the Lord and consecrate future to the Lord, burning in spirit. We must daily ground ourselves in the Word and in spirit so that we may recognize and overcome any form of degradation or turmoil around us.
Prayer re:
1) May the Lord really become my center & Reality as well as my First Love.
2) The Lord would continue to take care of my family & provide my mother a prayer companion.
3) Our gospel UCI/IVC contacts would register and be released (By The world) to attend The upcoming Fall College Conference on November 18-20, on “The High Gospel”

Attached are photos of my team with Brother Minoru & Sister Vicky and also one of the shining sisters in my house!

 Praise Him!
With Aloha (love) from Christ,
Grace Cheng