Prayer Burdens – Feb 17, 2017

Here are additional items for your consideration to pray this week:


  1. Special conference in Anaheim (17-19 February)
    On 17-19 February a special conference will be held in Anaheim. The burden for this conference is a special fellowship concerning the world situation and the Lord’s move. Please pray for the Lord’s present speaking and the response to this speaking by the Body to advance the Lord’s present move on earth
  2. Visiting of refugees in Sweden (21-24 February)
    On 21-24 February two brothers will visit around 40 refugee camps in Sweden. Their aim is to distribute around 5000 packages with the gospel of the kingdom (from the MyFreedom project). Please stand with the two brothers in prayer. Ask the Lord to open the doors to these camps and the door to the hearts of the refugees.
  3. The Lord’s move in Germany – Please pray:
    • That the Lord will burden more saints to offer themselves to serve in Germany both short term (one month or more) and long term (for several years)
    • That the door will remain open for the full-timers to obtain visas to labor in Germany long term
    • That the Lord will have a way to gain university students in Germany
    • That the Lord will continue the shepherding and perfecting of those who were saved in 2016
  4. Completion of the Polish Recovery Version
  5. The Lord’s move in Krakow, Poland

Locally, please pray:

  • From the past winter training’s prayer items:
    • That we will have the wings of an eagle by experiencing God’s power in life applied to us and becoming our grace; we will have the hands of a man by living a Jesusly human way according to the humanity of Jesus; and we will have the feet of a calf by having a walk that is straight and full of life and discernment.
    • That every local church and every individual believer will have a high and awesome wheel with them in carrying out God’s move to deify man to bring forth the one new man for His corporate expression and administration, and that we will all participate in the Lord’s move by having a personal, affectionate, private, and spiritual relationship with Him and by going in His going, giving in His giving, and praying in His praying.
  • For past annual Hawaiian blending conference, that the Lord will work this vision into our hearts.
  • For suitable meeting place for the church in Honolulu. Please pray for saints being in one accord regarding the new meeting place.
  • For year 2017:
    • The Lord will continue to grow in each saint in Honolulu
    • The Lord will encourage us to labor for Him in the coming year
    • The Lord will multiply and add to the church, new ones, His chosen people
  • For the trainees in FTTA – Sis. Grace, Bro. Ben, Sis. Sophia, Bro. Abraham
  • Health Needs –
    • Continue to remember and pray for Sis. Katie and Sis. Ruthy
  • Our young people, that they may be preserved and be burning for the Lord