Announcement – Nov 06, 2016

Church in Honolulu
Nov 06, 2016 Announcements

11/06   Registration for Video Winter Training -The registration deadline is Nov 1st, 2016 and is closed. Saints may still register. There will be late donation fee after Nov 1st. The donation fee is $100 (including outline) + late fee. The video training will be conducted from January 10 to January 21. Please register to Bro. Andi.

11/06   The Holy Word for Morning Revival – Crystallization-Study of Exodus Vol. 8, Week 48 – The Erecting of the Tabernacle and the Tabernacle, the Cloud, and the Glory Being a Full Type of the Triune God

11/09   Chinese Speaking Prayer Meeting at Church House, 7:00 pm.

11/11   English Speaking Prayer Meeting at Sis. Lai’s, 7:30 pm.

11/12  Church house cleaning 0930AM – Saints are encouraged to participate in the monthly cleaning of the church house and to enjoy the time of blending while cleaning.

11/13  Combined Love Feast at Church House, 430PM – Brothers and sisters are invited to the church house for a time of blending and fellowship. All English and Chinese speaking saints will be there. Dinner will be pot-luck and starts at 0530PM.

Giving for the UK Building Fund – There is a financial need for the purchase of Bower Farm, for the construction of new facilities at Bower House, Bower Farm, and Woodland Camp. If you are led by the Lord to contribute, you can designate your offering for “UK Building Fund”.

Giving to support the gospel work in Europe – Those that are led to give to support the gospel work in Europe can designate your offering for “Gospel Work in Europe”.

Giving to building fund for the meeting hall of the church in Honolulu – Those that are led to give to support the meeting hall of the church in Honolulu meeting hall can designate your offering for “Building Fund”


Next HWMR for sale – The next HWMR is available for sale at $7/ copy. The title is “Returning to the Orthodoxy of the Church”.